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What skills do you need to be a plumber

What skills do you need to be a plumber?

Although colleges in the UK now offer diploma courses in plumbing, the job itself is much more than that. A professional certification will certainly come in handy and broaden your scope. However, landing the right job depends on your skills and experience (which is a must).

A demanding job like plumbing requires strong physical skills. You must be able to hold your own weight as well as that of your tools and equipment. Coordination between your physical functions is also important.

Additionally, a good plumber possesses a strong set of interpersonal skills. They will be able to clearly communicate information, address queries, and make the customer feel like they are in good hands.

Having worked directly with plumbers first-hand, there are a few more points to consider.

A plumber must possess good reliability and punctuality. There is no point in giving times to customers and then not even turning up (which is common). Punctuality is essential if the plumber is to maintain a good reputation and secure jobs.

Another point is the level of cleanliness.

I once witnessed a plumber who put his hand down the toilet to unblock it! Now, this came as a shock. And I don’t think he washed his arm after.

So there are a few skills a plumber must have and other points above should also be noted.

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