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DIY Wooden Home Decor Ideas

DIY Wooden Home Decor Ideas in 2022

Using wood in home decor has become very popular in recent times. This is partly because wooden decorations are very versatile and add a rustic but attractive look to your home. Using wood also makes your home more eco-friendly and cosy.

A good thing about wood is that with some basic pieces of equipment like a saw, drill, and glue, you can make a wide variety of decorative pieces on your own. We will teach you the basic skills which you can use to make beautiful, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly wooden pieces for your home.

Wooden Slab Clock:

Wooden slab clocks are growing more popular with homeowners these days. This unique clock can give your home a seamless classical look. There are many ways to make a wooden clock. You can make one by fitting a clock mechanism and arms into a wooden structure. Or you can slice a wood slab to make a wall clock.

Long Cabin Coat Rack:

If you have a void space around the entrance of your home, you can fill it up with a wooden coat rack. If you want to make a coat rack that catches the eye, you need to look behind the rack itself. A backboard of some sort should do the trick.

You should consider getting a big board that will function as the base. You can carve out patterns and designs or nail small chunks of wood for added effect. Attach some old fashion hooks in the middle of the base to hold coats.

Hanging Garden:

If you like a bit of greenery around the house, this is one way to achieve that with limited space. As the name suggests, the garden is to be hung vertically. First, you will need to make a wooden shelf using flat pieces of wood and rope or a metal bar. Create as many shelves as you’d like. Cut holes through the flat boars so they can hold the mason jar and planters in place.

Wooden framed mirror:

While this may look like a big project, it really is one of the simplest wooden DIY decors out there. You don’t need much experience or equipment for this work, and it’s worth it once completed.

To make a wooden framed mirror, you’ll need a mirror and wooden boards. Don’t forget your screws and glue. Cut the wood boards according to the size of your mirror. Smooth the edges with sandpaper, use any finishing of your choice, and attach the pieces of wood to the mirror.