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What does an electrician make

What does an electrician make?

Electricians can earn an average of £30,000 per annum in the UK. Although electricians usually have high earnings, many factors come into play which determines the pay grade. Salaries can vary for electricians depending on whether they are self-employed or employed by a company, and how long they’ve been in the industry (experience level).   […]

How dangerous is roofing

How dangerous is roofing?

Every career path has an element of risk. Being cocooned in an office on your own might carry the risk of depression or just boredom, but other trades, such as roofing, can be much more dangerous and can cause death or serious injury. Roofers can slip from ladders, roofs or scaffolds. It can also be […]

Is being a roofer a good job

Is being a roofer a good job?

Roofing can be an excellent career choice for the right person. It is a job that requires regular manual labor, constant climbing, bending and kneeling. So it is ideally suited for someone who has that physicality about them (having said that, I’ve seen overweight roofers do the job without a glitch). Roofers need a good […]

What are the pros and cons of being a plumber

What are the pros and cons of being a plumber?

What are the pro’s & cons of being a plumber?  Pros There is a steady demand for plumbing professionals, which is not going to disappear anytime soon (and with Brexit, this demand will only increase) Skills learnt in plumbing are vital to any country around the world, so your skills won’t be outdated as years […]

What skills do you need to be a plumber

What skills do you need to be a plumber?

Although colleges in the UK now offer diploma courses in plumbing, the job itself is much more than that. A professional certification will certainly come in handy and broaden your scope. However, landing the right job depends on your skills and experience (which is a must). A demanding job like plumbing requires strong physical skills. […]