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How dangerous is roofing

How dangerous is roofing?

Every career path has an element of risk. Being cocooned in an office on your own might carry the risk of depression or just boredom, but other trades, such as roofing, can be much more dangerous and can cause death or serious injury.

Roofers can slip from ladders, roofs or scaffolds. It can also be dangerous to work with hot bitumen. Roof stability is another issue that roofers face quite often. Roofs might not be able to support the weight of the workers which can lead to some serious accidents or even death.

An article, in Roofing Today, showed that 49% of fatal injuries in the construction industries were falls from roofs. And 79,000 construction workers reported health related illnesses, between 2018-2019, and a shocking 62% of these suffered from musculoskeletal disorders.

Weather is also a roofer’s enemy. They work during the summer for long hours which can cause fatigue, leading to injuries from mistakes.

But don’t let this put you off from being a roofer. The risks are there but many trades carry different types of risks. For example, if you work out at sea, there is a possibility of drowning. If you are a policeman, you could be attacked by a criminal etc. So if being a roofer is your dream, go for it.

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