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Is being a roofer a good job

Is being a roofer a good job?

Roofing can be an excellent career choice for the right person. It is a job that requires regular manual labor, constant climbing, bending and kneeling. So it is ideally suited for someone who has that physicality about them (having said that, I’ve seen overweight roofers do the job without a glitch).

Roofers need a good dose of stamina as they need to work long hours in the day. They also lift heavy materials and carry them from one point to another during the course of a job. So strength is something that you’ll need in order to succeed in the roofing industry.

Roofers can be part of a group or they can work on their own. It can also be a seasonal job as there might be more work in the summer and less work in the winter. The real money, like with many other trades, is being self-employed.

But is the money any good? The money can be fantastic. A roofer I know in the USA makes a decent amount of money – more than doctors do here in the UK. Of course, the USA is different than the UK, but what you need to factor in the value of a roofing job. A single roofing job can easily bring in thousands in revenue.

So is roofing a good career choice? Yes, if you don’t mind manual labor and have good stamina and strength.

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