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What Are The Different Home Decor Styles

What Are The Different Home Decor Styles

There are many types of interior design with an ever-evolving list. Some of the trends that come up fade away with time, while others remain timelessly relevant to interior decoration. Homeowners can choose from a wide list of modern, industrial, or contemporary designs.

One common problem with homeowners is that they don’t really understand how to describe their personal home decor style. With so many options available, figuring out which style you prefer the most can be daunting.

We can help you make the right decision but to do so; you need to understand the different home decor styles.


A modern home decor style usually refers to crisp lines, clean contrast with simple colour pallets, and the use of materials like glass and steel. Modern interior design employs a sense of simplicity. Every element in this design should be sleek and simple, from the furniture to the wall patterns and light fixtures. They should have minimal ornaments or accessories.


Contemporary designs are often used interchangeably with modern design. The primary difference between these two is that contemporary design can feature more design elements. Think of contemporary design as a more flexible version of modern design. In this case, homeowners can use design elements that predate the 20th century. Curved lines, more accessories, wood, and other designs can be used.


Industrial design draws its inspiration from urban lofts and warehouses. It gives an unfinished or raw atmosphere to the home. This design feature uses wood, exposed bricks, ductwork, dangling metal lights, high ceilings, and light fixtures with sparse functional furniture.


Traditional design styles offer sumptuous finishing with a lot of accessories and many other classic details. Traditional homes often feature dark, finished wood, using a lot of colours, textures, and curved lines. The furniture used in this design has elaborate and ornate details. Every detail of a traditional home is selected carefully to make it look its best. There is depth and a lot of aesthetics within a traditional design.