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What Home Decor Style Are You

What Home Decor Style Are You?

When choosing a home decor style, many ideas could be racing around in your head, making it difficult for you to be specific. This is common, and it stems from not knowing what home decor style you like best.

Figuring out your decor style is a gradual process, but it is worth the effort before you start spending money decorating. At first, you may learn that you like a wide variety of designs, or you’ve somehow managed to blend different home designs into one. This is expected, and now, we need to sort through your likes and dislikes. It is also possible that you have no idea what style you love, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the choices out there. So, what home décor style are you then?

How To Choose A Design Style That Feels Right For You

Understanding who you are and what your tastes go a long way in finding the perfect decor style. Our homes are somewhat an extension of who we are, so you must trust your intuition and go with the flow.

Take cues from your closet.

Take a look at your clothes; what colours, fabrics, and design is most common? If you love to wear cotton or jeans, you should find ways of introducing them into your home because you feel like yourself in them. What colour the cloth do you always pick? That’s a clue on what colour you would love to see in your home.

Gather Design Inspiration

Gathering ideas from blogs, magazines, museums, parks, artworks, or nature is a great way to discover what catches your eye in homes. As you observe, try and see if you can spot a trend, colour scheme, or theme that resonates with you.

Create a Visual Reminder of The Home Decor Styles You Like Best

As you gather inspiration, you should create a visual aid folder or board on your phone or pc. You can take screenshots of spaces you love and observe them later. Seeing all the colour patterns and designs you like in one place can provide more clarity on what you really want.

It’s Okay To Change Your Mind

Remember, when it comes to expressing your unique style, there is no right or wrong. The goal here is to keep experimenting until you figure out what design feels right. Figuring out your design style isn’t a process with clear steps or a straightforward path. This is why you need to figure this out on your own.